Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two Months and Growing

Kimberly had her 2 month appointment today!  When we met her October 5th she weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces, today (7 weeks later) she weighed 8 pounds 14 ounces, and has grown 1 1/2 inches!!  In the above photo she is wearing the same outfit as when we first laid eyes on our daughter.  She was swimming in it then, and it fits her perfectly now. 

Our baby girl is healthy and growing well, even starting to coo.
God is good!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time Passes

Tomorrow Kimberly will be 2 months old.  I cannot believe it has been this long; she joined our family when she was just 2 weeks old.  She is an easy baby, but even so with 9 kids in the house now we are extremely busy.  I feel like I am always one step behind what needs to be done-- and at least two loads behind the laundry!  I am having the hardest time lately not coveting a laundry room.  And a 9 passenger SUV.  But God is good, and we do have everything we need.

 Amelia:  Ame is doing so well. She has glasses now!  Her eyes have been watery, so I will be making an appointment to check that the prescription is right where it should be.  She is such an incredible help around the house.

Sunny:  Our beautiful Sunny is thriving at school; she is very eager to please her teacher.  She is my only girly-girl, and loves dolls.  She does not try to hold Kimberly or feed her, but since Kimberly joined our family Sunny has spent a lot more time playing with and caring for her baby doll.  She does keep an eye on Kimberly for me though! (Kimberly is asleep in the bassinet in the photo below.)

Micah:  Micah is the scholar of the little ones, excelling at reading in school.  He has a hearing aid now, his second one actually.  His first one "disappeared" after a week, but this new one has a little leash and clips to his collar.  I was mortified that I couldn't even keep track of a hearing aid for a week!  Micah is profoundly deaf in his right ear, and has moderate hearing loss in his left. 
 Dante:  Our super special Dante is doing so well.  I think it is a combination of several factors:  his open heart surgery, being dairy free (and therefore eczema free) for many months now, and the routine and therapies of school.  He also loves his iPad.  The iPad is definitely the single smartest investment we have made.  He can pull up videos and games like a pro.

Leif:  Dante might be super-special, but Leif is on the road to being super-spoiled!  He is the happiest little guy who just throws himself into the center of everything.  These days he is starting to show some temper when he is reminded that he isn't always allowed front and center.  He absolutely LOVES Kimberly, and gives her kisses galore.  The other day when she was on the floor for tummy time, he sat down near her head and watched out for her.  I cannot wait to see how he watches out for her when they are older.

Leif also loves to spend time outside, and will often bring up a shoe to put on.  It does not matter whose it is, or that it is just one, but if he has a shoe on he will try to go outside.  He especially loves to feed the goats, and knows exactly where the hay is kept.  Leif also recently enjoyed a visit from Uncle Zach and Aunt Anna.  We went to Higgins Armory, where they created a foam arch together.

 Kimberly:  Our baby girl is so wonderful.  She is spending a lot more time awake and alert, is eating more at her feedings, and turns toward the sound of our voices.  She is working on head control, although she does not always appreciate tummy time.  Her Early Intervention has started, so a therapist will be visiting us weekly to help us know how to help her. 

We are a busy household, and the days are just flying by.  During this season of gratitude with Thanksgiving approaching, I am aware every day of what a blessing each of my children are. Jamie and I are truly thankful for the family we have, even when it seems like time is passing too quickly and we aren't quite keeping up.  Some day the house will be completely organized and clean, the yard will be neat and pretty, but for now all we wish for is a little more sleep!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Four Years Ago

It is never a good thing to hear your phone ring at 4:18am.  Ours rang at that time four years ago today, and I learned that Dad had died.  Not only did my siblings and I have to cope with that thoroughly unexpected event, it started us on an odyssey of coping with a mother who simply could not handle the death of her husband.  Mom ended up living with us from December 2007-March 2008.  Because of her bad decisions in dealing with grief, she missed Thanksgiving, Dad's funeral, and Christmas that year, instead spending those events in a hospital.  It was not until she moved out  that I was able to simply miss my Dad.  His death had caused the 4 worst months of my life.

Four years ago today.  He has been at complete peace and sitting with Jesus for 4years, and that is a wonderful thing. The grief and resentment have long since passed, now I simply miss him.

God is good.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Just can't stay awake

Cold season is taking its first swipe at the kids.  And Jamie?  He's just tired, poor daddy.  Kimberly is exactly in her favorite place to sleep, though.