Friday, June 22, 2012

Special Olympics 2012

Since September 2011, Amelia, Sunny, and Micah have been training weekly with their gymnastics team.  All those weeks, for this one special weekend.  The Massachusetts Summer Games were last weekend, and the kids had a blast!  Their competition is spread over two days, so as a treat the "triplets" and I stayed at a hotel for one night instead of driving home.

Micah's competition was first.  He takes his gymnastics very seriously, and started stretching as soon as we walked into the indoor track where everything was set up.  I did get him to take his shoes off and move to the mat!

The girls are quite trustworthy, and I was able to leave them on the bleachers while I took photos of  Micah.
(Micah is Lord of the Rings!)
There were three boys in Micah's age group and level.  They all did so well!

They were thrilled to arrive at the hotel.  I love Homewood Suites because they accommodate large families.  It was not our whole family this time, but we went back there anyhow.

I would have more photos of the kids having a blast in the pool, but I was in there with them!!

Sunday morning the girls had their competition.  Unfortunately, Micah is not trustworthy-- he took off twice when I stopped to tie a sneaker for one of the girls!  I was not comfortable leaving him on the bleachers in order to get close-ups of Amelia and Sunny competing.

 There were four girls in Sunny's age and level (1), and she scored 4th in every event.  Honestly, I was disappointed in her-- not because of her scores, but because of her effort.  Instead of beginning her floor routine, Sunny chose to lead her coach on a merry chase around the mat, giggling the whole time.  She is 10, and I expect better from her.  Having Down Syndrome does not give her a free pass when it comes to behavior and expectations.  So many athletes gave it their all, and I hope as she grows older Sunny will realize that she should also be doing her best. After all, the Special Olympics motto is:
"Let me win, and if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt."


Amelia was very brave in her attempts!  She was in Level 3, open age, 6 athletes in that level.  She tried her best, and scored 5th in most of the events.  She was so proud of herself!!

The girls are holding their medals as we take the shuttle back to the parking garage.
Look at that yawn!

They have the Summer off, and in September will be right back at their training.  We are very thankful for all the coaches and volunteers that have unlimited patience with the triplets!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Growing, growing, gone!

In the last few weeks Amelia has had her tonsils removed, Sunny is waiting for her tonsillectomy, Alexander graduated and will leave for basic training in July, Nikita has a job and her permit, Zachary is volunteering and working at Camp Good News for the Summer, and the school knows that we will be homeschooling the triplets again next year.  I know it is all good, but it all means so many changes my head is spinning.

Do the teenagers really have to grow up??  Right now all that "starting a new chapter" means is that the last chapter is done, and I am not always liking that.

Growth is good, I know it is.  Just look at Kimberly's growth in strength and ability, and you can see how wonderful growth is:

She is getting so big and strong I let her sit in the stroller today.  Leif was so excited he wanted to take her for a joy ride.  He settled for helping me weed the green beans while Kimberly watched.

God is good!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Every now and then, for just a little while...

Dante has Down Syndrome and Autism.  Perhaps more appropriately, Dante has Austism and Down Syndrome.  I have never really let the Down Syndrome define my kids, but the Autism does seem to define my Dante.  He stims, he does not make eye contact, he waves his hands in the air and swings his head, he punches himself in the chest, he cries, he wakes up in the night giggling for no reason, he has sensory issues, he is non-verbal, he is fascinated by music and lights but refuses to walk barefoot in the grass....

But every now and then, for just a little while, Dante is just a 6 year old boy who wants the cookie dough that Mom is making.

I love Dante and his Down Syndrome.  I love Dante and his Autism.  But most of all, I love Dante and his cookie dough.

God is good, all the time.