Monday, February 28, 2011

Random Thoughts and Photos

February became a very busy month.  We had five baby goats born the first week, and Nikita began milking the does twice daily.  We have already sold four of the babies, and Nik is keeping Annabelle.
Here is Sunny holding Annabelle.  The kid (caprine, not human) thinks she is a puppy, and naps with the dogs in the kitchen.  When it gets warmer she will join the herd.
Leif enjoyed playing with the babies.  They were just his size and only occasionally a bit overly friendly.  This little guy is Murdock, he and his sister were sold to a pony farm and petting zoo.

I do not normally take photos of the children in distress, but this was too sweet to pass on.  I did not get to Leif quickly enough, so Amelia picked him up and began rocking her baby brother.
Amelia will be turning 10 this Friday!!  She recently began attending Sunday School.  I am really thankful for her teacher there; it is not often someone will simply take one of the kids without expecting Jamie, me, or one of the teens to stay.

This is definitely a random photo.  It was taken on my cell phone.  I had found a pair of swim goggles and put them on Leif. He was giggling!! I think he wanted me to find a motorcycle with a side car and take him for a jaunt.

Our beautiful Sunny.

Dante was roaming the house with his walker when he discovered the humidifier.  He found it quite amusing to stick his face in the vapor.
Dante does have his bed tent now.  I thought I had a photo but it must still be in the camera.  He absolutely loves it, and even puts himself to bed sometimes.  He climbs in and pulls the flap down for to zip.  It is so nice to know he is safe in there all night.  Amelia's Sunday School teacher bought it for him, and we are very thankful!!!
We have taken Dante off dairy. It seems to be making a difference; his eczema has been clearing dramatically, and he is suddenly using more words.  We have not seen a difference in his bowel movements, but it has only been two weeks.  After a bit we might decide to also remove wheat products from his diet. 


Also this month Micah participated in the Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby.  Zachary helped him design and paint his car.  He did not win, but definitely had a lot of fun at the race.  Amelia raced a car in the family race.

Jamie and I celebrated our 19th Anniversary on the 22nd.  We took Leif and Amelia to Longhorn's for lunch, then went to Barnes and Noble for some book shopping.  I have been reading The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, and Jamie bought me my own copy.  Every Christian should read this book.  The translation I have is by Ronald Knox, and is very readable.

Zachary added a rooster to his flock, we went yesterday to pick up "Sgt Pepper".  He is a polish bantam, although Zachary thinks he looks more like a sultan. He is a handsome bird either way.

Now we are heading into March, such a dreary month.  I intend to start planning my garden and possibly starting some seeds to help hurry the month along.  I think the triplets will enjoy doing this with me. 

And Leif!! He climbed up a step today!?!?!  He is 8 months old today, and thinks he so much older.  I have learned to truly enjoy the moments when he slows down to cuddle, because the kids really do grow so fast.

That's my update!
God is good!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Triplets Join the Family!

When we bred our goats back in September, we did not know that this particular February would start out so snowy and cold.  When Daisy gave birth to triplets late last night, we were a bit concerned.  This is our first time with goats and their newborns, so we did the best we could to warm them up, then made the decision to bring mama and kids into the house for the night.  (We do not consider heat lamp in our lean-to an option considering the dangers of fire.)

The kids rallied quite well after we got them into Nikita's bedroom.  Jamie and I made it to bed by 1am, but Nikita did not fare so well, considering how crowded her room had become. 
Leif crawled over, stood up, and enjoyed looking at the babies as we were preparing to move them back out to the lean to.  We do intend to bring just the kids in for the night, since it will be in the single digits again.

Two girls and a boy!  Nikita is holding Mattie Bea, Murdock, and Annabelle.  Murdock came out hind feet first, but besides that the delivery went like clockwork.  Jamie even cut the cords.
As of now, Gidget is in the lean to also about to "freshen", so Nikita might have a different set of kids in her room tonight!  Our third doe that was bred is not due until April, and by then Nikita will be an old hand at assisting and milking.