Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cabin Fever

It is officially time for Winter to end when Dante brings me the outside parachute and puts my hand on it, indicating he wants to play.  If Dante is going to initiate something you can be darn sure I am going to go with it!!  (Clarify, something not related to his endless attempts to get food!)

It was a tight fit, but they had fun.

God is good, even in the Winter that would not end...

Friday, March 21, 2014

World Down Syndrome Day

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day, because it is 3-21 and so is Down Syndrome! (Third copy of chromosome 21)

In order to honor the five children Jamie and I have adopted, who each have Down Syndrome, I have decided to post 21 random photos of them. 


Micah getting outfitted for going on a ropes course in Virginia.

Amelia comforting her little brother when he needs her.

Three bakers making a pie.

ShanLin doing her chores.

Having afternoon tea

"Helping" on a friend's farm

This time really helping, feeding the calf

The climbing tree at the apple orchard

ShanLin feeding her baby

Amelia had an opportunity to meet an Olympic gymnast

Kimberly thinking she gets to try some coffee.  (it was empty)

Sorting and folding their own laundry

Doing their part to get the garden growing

Micah showing baby sister his medals

Micah earning his medals

Dante learning to experience new things (calmly)

Amelia walking to the Library by herself for the first time

Kimberly the Horse Whisperer

And Goat Whisperer too!

Micah learning how to use a fire extinguisher

Amelia reading to Kimberly.

And a bonus photo!  Kimberly and Leif want you to know,
God is good, ALL the time!