Tuesday, September 29, 2009

2 New Kids for the Lindsay Family!!

Today we brought home Gidget and Ambrose, sister and brother. Nikita and Zachary named them, and will be their primary caregivers. Amelia of course will help too! As a busy mom, I have no problem delegating and telling the older kids they are in charge of the new kids.

As for Gidget and Ambrose, they are still a little nervous, but I think they will acclimate well to life here.

Before we went up to complete our adoption, we did do farm chores, and Sunny was happy to help. She and Amelia also enjoyed a wheelbarrow ride.

And finally, presenting Gidget and Ambrose:

Our first foray into the world of goat ownership!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Conversation with Micah

Micah has been making great strides with his speaking. He seems to enjoy being understood, and is trying harder to use his words.
He does however still tend to repeat things. I am not sure if it is habit or just shows he is not truly grasping what I am saying.
Tonight when we arrived home from gymnastics practice, this is how our conversation went:
Me: "Micah, did you have fun at gymnastics?"
Micah: "nastics"
Me: "Did you swing on the bars?"
Micah: "bars"
Me: "Did you run around?"
Micah: "around"
Me: "Am I standing on a mountain?"
Micah: signs mountain
Me: "Because I keep hearing an echo."
Micah: "echo"
Since I saw him swinging and running, I know he had fun, but we do need to work on those conversation skills. I think he had the most fun when he was running and the poor volunteer was chasing and trying to bring him back to focus on the skills! Best game ever!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cake Starts With "C"

It is "c" week here in the Lindsay household. Monday I made cookies, yesterday Amelia helped feed the cows, and today the kids made cake.

Amelia, Sunny, and Micah each donned an apron, and we set up our baking area on the table. I used a box mix, so that Amelia could have the visuals on the box. Sunny added the water, Amelia the oil, and Micah dumped in the eggs. It was so adorable and funny seeing the three of them all lined up at the edge of the table with their noses not quite touching the mixing bowl as it spun around with the beaters on. They were excited! Amelia took the box and went running in to show Zachary what they were making. Later, Nikita helped Sunny and Amelia frost the cake.

When Dad arrived home from work, Sunny and Amelia pulled him into the kitchen where their cake was on display. So proud!! Amelia even had a barstool in front of the stove so she could sit and look at her work of art.

I have recently committed to praying for two orphans in Eastern Europe, who both have Down Syndrome. Having my 4, in particular the 3 bakers today, I am so aware of how blessed we are and how earnestly we should all be praying the orphans into families. So many parents compelled by finances, stereotypes, stress, to put their babies into an orphanage. So many babies with Down Syndrome growing into children with Down Syndrome, never knowing the love of a family and the simple joy of baking a cake.

We ate the cake for dessert. Amelia, Micah, and Sunny all asked for more. Being a good mom I said no, wait for breakfast tomorrow. ;) Dante thoroughly enjoyed his slice and erupted in numerous giggle fits, it was really cute.

I am so thankful to the Lord for the children He has given us through adoption (and birth!), and I pray that He will continue to bless other families with the adoption of child who has Down Syndrome.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let the Craziness Begin!

I left the house at 7:30 this morning to take Amelia and Sunny into Boston. It was the first day of their Boston Ballet Adaptive Dance class! They had a good time, followed most of the directions, and never ran to the door deciding class was done. A success! It takes us just over an hour to drive into Boston, and the girls are definitely worth it. I can say that now, we'll see if it gets old fast.

It was also the first day of Special Olympics Gymnastice practice. It was the first time ever for Sunny and Micah and is a 45 minute drive. When I told Micah it was time for gymnastics, he was so excited he went for the door. Unfortunately he did not have shorts on yet, or shoes. When it began, all three of them had some trouble at first focusing, and were very distracted by all the wonderful gym equipment in the huge room. The volunteers have boatloads (cargo ship-loads!) of patience with the gymnasts, and Micah was definitely giving the guys a workout of their own.

Saturdays are clearly going to be very busy this school year, but the kiddos need the structure the classes provide, the self-confidence, and the skills. It will also help us appreciate Sundays as a family day even more.

And actually, the gymnastics center is only 5 minutes from a Panera Bread and a Dunkin Donuts, so if Jamie comes along we can grab a snack on the way, then sit for a coffee-date while the kids get their practice for an hour. Works for us!!

I am thankful for the blessing of the Boston Ballet's special dance class, and for the wonderful team of volunteers at gymnastics. God is good!

Friday, September 18, 2009

She Speaks!!!

We met Sunny on June 2nd, arrived home with her on June 5th. Since that time she has been using only a few words, and I could tell she was just taking it all in and would have an explosion of words one day. Sometimes when we asked her to try saying a word she would, but usually she would just shake her head and not comply.

Well, it hasn't been quite an "explosion", but that day is here! In the last week sweet Sunny has been trying out so many words. There was even a two word combo once! She has finally caught on to signing, and now LOVES watching Signing Time and trying it all out. "Ma" is what I hear all day long followed by whatever new sign or word she to show me that she knows.

She is also really enjoying the home school experience, and mimics everything we do. My daughter is brilliant!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Month of Firsts

Ten days into September, and it has been busy for the Lindsay family...

2-6: Nikita and I travelled to Tennessee with Jamie's mom, and spent five wonderful days on a horse ranch...definitely a first, and probably the only time we will do that. Nikita does hope to go back for Horse Camp next summer. (See pictures in the post below.)

7: We went to the Spencer Fair, definitely a first time experience for Sunny! She can moo like a cow with the best of them. My favorite part was the oxen pull; I think the fresh french fries were great too. The little ones like holding the just-hatched chicks, and seeing all the farm animals. (We are actually almost ready to get two goats!) The 7th was also my sister's birthday.

8: Amelia and Sunny started gymanstics today. Ame has been going to Twister's for years, but it was Sunny's first time. She did not seem to know how to do a forward roll, but had a blast trying!! She really watched all the girls, and gave everything her best go, giggling the whole time. She definitely likes the trampoline.
The 8th was also our first official day of school for this year. Sigh.

9: Dante went off to his first day at the special needs pre-school today. He went for six weeks over the summer, and remembered exactly where his favorite toys are kept.

10: Dante and I went into Boston today, for his first appointment with one of the doctor's there, as part of their Down Syndrome program. He was in a giggly mood and cooperative until the end-- when the blood draw happened. Poor guy.

Coming up will also be Special Olympics practices starting. The coach is wonderful and allowing Sunny and Micah to join the team. It will be a great experience for both of them. And, Amelia starts the adaptive dance class at the Boston Ballet next Saturday, and they might let Sunny join too. They will observe Sunny the first day and see if she fits in, and if there is room.

And, I strive to put Christ first in everything I do. I am a work in progress in that area, but God is patient with me!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Work and Play

Like any little eight year old child, Amelia likes to pretend. Here she is taking everyone's lunch order the other day. I love her creative pad and pencil. Zachary was surprised when in the middle of taking orders, she went running to the fridge and came back with a Coke. He had just said, "I'd like fries and a coke", so she got him the soda!

When we go shopping and are paying for the items, Amelia must help with the bagging. She isn't just pretending there though, bagging is serious work. It started when we were at the grocery store, and she saw employees at the ends bagging, but no one at our register....so she did it herself.

It has been interesting to see the various reactions of the cashiers, and sometimes the bagboys who did not realize they so desperately needed her help. One young lady was wonderful, quickly realizing what Amelia was doing and passing items to her to bag. Just yesterday at a local Stuff-Mart the woman was also very kind, and thanked Amelia for her help. There have been a time or two when Amelia is told to back up or be careful, or that she cannot do that. The teen boys seem to find it awkward, not knowing quite what to do with my precocious little girl. She boldly carries on though, piling it in and putting the bags into the cart.

I doubt Amelia is thinking she wants to be a bagger for her career choice, but it would not bother me if she did. She never once put the watermelon on top of the bread; I'd say she has an excellent head start!