Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let the Craziness Begin!

I left the house at 7:30 this morning to take Amelia and Sunny into Boston. It was the first day of their Boston Ballet Adaptive Dance class! They had a good time, followed most of the directions, and never ran to the door deciding class was done. A success! It takes us just over an hour to drive into Boston, and the girls are definitely worth it. I can say that now, we'll see if it gets old fast.

It was also the first day of Special Olympics Gymnastice practice. It was the first time ever for Sunny and Micah and is a 45 minute drive. When I told Micah it was time for gymnastics, he was so excited he went for the door. Unfortunately he did not have shorts on yet, or shoes. When it began, all three of them had some trouble at first focusing, and were very distracted by all the wonderful gym equipment in the huge room. The volunteers have boatloads (cargo ship-loads!) of patience with the gymnasts, and Micah was definitely giving the guys a workout of their own.

Saturdays are clearly going to be very busy this school year, but the kiddos need the structure the classes provide, the self-confidence, and the skills. It will also help us appreciate Sundays as a family day even more.

And actually, the gymnastics center is only 5 minutes from a Panera Bread and a Dunkin Donuts, so if Jamie comes along we can grab a snack on the way, then sit for a coffee-date while the kids get their practice for an hour. Works for us!!

I am thankful for the blessing of the Boston Ballet's special dance class, and for the wonderful team of volunteers at gymnastics. God is good!

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