Friday, September 18, 2009

She Speaks!!!

We met Sunny on June 2nd, arrived home with her on June 5th. Since that time she has been using only a few words, and I could tell she was just taking it all in and would have an explosion of words one day. Sometimes when we asked her to try saying a word she would, but usually she would just shake her head and not comply.

Well, it hasn't been quite an "explosion", but that day is here! In the last week sweet Sunny has been trying out so many words. There was even a two word combo once! She has finally caught on to signing, and now LOVES watching Signing Time and trying it all out. "Ma" is what I hear all day long followed by whatever new sign or word she to show me that she knows.

She is also really enjoying the home school experience, and mimics everything we do. My daughter is brilliant!


Suzanne said...

Wonderful Kelly!

Justine said...

This is so exciting to hear! Congratulations!