Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Work and Play

Like any little eight year old child, Amelia likes to pretend. Here she is taking everyone's lunch order the other day. I love her creative pad and pencil. Zachary was surprised when in the middle of taking orders, she went running to the fridge and came back with a Coke. He had just said, "I'd like fries and a coke", so she got him the soda!

When we go shopping and are paying for the items, Amelia must help with the bagging. She isn't just pretending there though, bagging is serious work. It started when we were at the grocery store, and she saw employees at the ends bagging, but no one at our register....so she did it herself.

It has been interesting to see the various reactions of the cashiers, and sometimes the bagboys who did not realize they so desperately needed her help. One young lady was wonderful, quickly realizing what Amelia was doing and passing items to her to bag. Just yesterday at a local Stuff-Mart the woman was also very kind, and thanked Amelia for her help. There have been a time or two when Amelia is told to back up or be careful, or that she cannot do that. The teen boys seem to find it awkward, not knowing quite what to do with my precocious little girl. She boldly carries on though, piling it in and putting the bags into the cart.

I doubt Amelia is thinking she wants to be a bagger for her career choice, but it would not bother me if she did. She never once put the watermelon on top of the bread; I'd say she has an excellent head start!

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Jenn said...

Okay Amelia and Yan could be twins! EVERY time we shop, she "needs" to be the bagger. And I get the whole gammut of emotions from people. She.loves.it!!!!

Go Ame!!!