Friday, March 23, 2012

Part One: Out with the Old

Can you see how it leans?  This playset is 12+ years old and needs to be retired.

Working hard!  These boys were 4 and 5 when Jamie and our friend Doug put this playset together.

Hardly working?  Perhaps the teens have paused to reminisce about the good old days?

A job well done.

But not nearly done...see the nice neat pile of lumber on the right side?
To be continued...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Boy is Clueless

Leif has no idea that he lives in a very odd family.

 He does know that his big brothers are soft, and safe.

He has no idea that most families are not this big.  Or weird.

 He does know that Sunny is fun and their affection is mutual.

Leif does know that Dante likes it when Leif shares food with him.  Besides, then he doesn't feel so bad when he decides that Dante will share food too.

Leif has no clue what Down Syndrome is, or that five of his siblings have it. 
 He has no clue that most people are scared of people like his siblings, because they are different. 

Leif does know that there is nothing scary about them.
He thinks they are the 3 Musketeers.
And he is D'Artagnan.
Life is awesome with siblings like his.
He knows that he loves Micah, Sunny, and Amelia and he wants to do everything they do.

 Leif knows that big sister Amelia is great at helping him explore new things, like snow.

Leif knows that Amelia will comfort him when that other big sister won't let him play with the scissors.

Leif has learned love and affection from his amazing, weird, lovable, and fun siblings.
And he gives it right back.

He gives the love and affection right back, because sharing is good.

So while Leif might be clueless about Down syndrome and the world's values (or lack thereof),
he knows exactly what matters.