Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneezes and Blessings

Yesterday morning Micah sneezed, and we had the following conversation:
Me: "Bless you Micah"
Micah: "No Mom", with one emphatic shake of his head
Me: "Yes Micah, Bless you"
Micah: "No Mom"
Me: "But Micah, blessings are good!"
Micah: "OK Mom, yes please"
It was really sweet when he finally decided that he would indeed like a blessing.

I wonder how many Christian families say "No Father" to the Lord when He offers them the blessing of a child like Micah. There are too many orphanages filled with too many children that the Lord wants to put into a family as a blessing.

My prayer is that more families would say "OK Lord, yes please" and adopt a waiting child, because not only will that child be blessed, the family will know blessings they never knew before. Adopting is not an easy process, but the blessings are incredible.

Little Isaac who is pictured on my sidebar will be turning 5 in a week. This does not mean the excitement of a birthday party or anticipating the beginning of kindergarten. For him it means transfer from the Baby House to an institution.

Please visit if you would like to learn more. The children pictured there have a bleak future, unless we say "Yes please".

Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Many Lindsays Does it Take... put up a goat enclosure??

All 9! One to supervise and the rest to do the work! Dante is very good at kicking back and giving out the orders, waving about his sock for emphasis. Isn't that how it is done?

Amelia jumped right in without even changing her dress after church. Even the goats were keeping an eye on us while munching on dead maple leaves.

I am not sure why Micah was putting a hole in this spot, but he worked hard at it.

I was the official cornerpost holder, when not helping Dante supervise.

This is a wonderful photo of Micah and Amelia.
The day was so beautiful (last Sunday) that we were all outside for several hours. Unfortunately we did not complete the enclosure yet, but it was a wonderful time together.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Planting Flowers

First Amelia and Sunny put dirt, seeds, and water into sealable baggies.

Nik and I poked skewers through them and hung them with yarn from the deck door.
Hopefully in a week we'll see some sprouts.
This is neat because the girls will be able to see the roots as well- without an expensive science kit purchase!
Micah wasn't much help.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vanquished!!...and Catching Up

Alexander- Xander turned 16 in January, and will soon be taking driver's ed in anticipation of a driver's license. He's anticipating; I'm not quite so excited. He does seem to be a little weak lately, as you can see by the way Dante so effortlessly took him down in the photo above. Xander is definitely one of Dante's favorite people.
Zachary- He recently purchased a pair of bantams to add to his brood. It is pretty funny hearing Radagast attempt to crow, since he is not quite full grown yet. It is amazing the size difference between the two roosters. The new hen, Acorn, is quite confident despite her size and does not let the larger hens push her around. Thankfully, Zachary's hens are laying again after a winter hiatus.
Nikita- Nik is still taking riding lessons weekly and hopes to learn barrel racing. She has been working hard at saving her money to buy a horse, and learning as much as she can about horses in the meantime. Nik has also been attending "bee school" with Jamie, a series of seminars on beekeeping. She is busy as a bee!!
Amelia- She is 9 now! I cannot believe how much she is growing. We just purchased and are waiting for a reading system for her by Edmark, and I expect she will just take off with it once we get it started. She has so much capacity to learn. We are working on answering questions using full responses, and the poor girl can be so confused sometimes. She knows that often a response is either "Yes, I am" or "Yes, I do" but isn't always sure which I want to here. Once my question, "Amelia, do you want french fries?" received a "Yes, I am". She tries hard though!! We are also working on using I, she, he, and you instead of names all the time.
Sunny- Sunny is going through a bit of an adjustment period, and currently isn't too fond of Amelia. She will not eat food if Amelia is in the room, which makes mealtimes interesting. She sits and stares at Amelia throughout the whole meal, then sighs and starts to eat when she leaves the room. (Thankfully Amelia is clueless and actually cheers for Sunny when she sees her start to eat.) Sunny thrives on individual attention so we try to keep that up, and she really loves her speech therapy at Worcester State College. She totally lights up when Dad gets home from work every day!
Micah- He has been allowed to join the Adaptive Dance class at Boston Ballet!! He went last Saturday for a trial run, and was absolutely perfect. He has also come a long way at Special Olympics gymnastics, following directions and not bolting as much. For me, it has helped to know that he is basically deaf in his right ear as far as household conversation. It is much less frustrating to know to get eye contact and sign while talking, instead of feeling like he is ignoring us. He is definitely a smart little guy, and I think will also do well with the new reading program.
Dante- Dante is fully recovered from his pneumonia, and doing quite well. We have taken him off wheat to see if that is causing his eczema but it is too early to tell a difference. He has been much more active lately, though. We also cut his naptime down, which is helping him to sleep better at night. Dante is also vocalizing more, and said "Momma" the other day!
Junior- We are at 24 1/2 weeks, just over 15 to go! He is NOT allowed to be late, no matter how many people tell me it would be neat if he was born on the 4th of July. He does seem to like kicking my sciatic nerve, and it is already difficult to carry Dante anymore.
So, that's us in a nutshell!
God is good!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Amelia meets Nastia Liukin

Nastia Liukin is in Worcester this weekend for the Tyson Cup, and today she met some of the Special Olympic gymnasts. It was super nice of her to take the time to do this, and watch each gymnast perform a routine. (I love Amelia's pose here, she's a riot.)

She also sat and talked with the gymnasts for a few minutes.

And of course plenty of photo opportunities.

Amelia gave her a bouqet of flowers from the GLC Special Olympics team.