Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sneezes and Blessings

Yesterday morning Micah sneezed, and we had the following conversation:
Me: "Bless you Micah"
Micah: "No Mom", with one emphatic shake of his head
Me: "Yes Micah, Bless you"
Micah: "No Mom"
Me: "But Micah, blessings are good!"
Micah: "OK Mom, yes please"
It was really sweet when he finally decided that he would indeed like a blessing.

I wonder how many Christian families say "No Father" to the Lord when He offers them the blessing of a child like Micah. There are too many orphanages filled with too many children that the Lord wants to put into a family as a blessing.

My prayer is that more families would say "OK Lord, yes please" and adopt a waiting child, because not only will that child be blessed, the family will know blessings they never knew before. Adopting is not an easy process, but the blessings are incredible.

Little Isaac who is pictured on my sidebar will be turning 5 in a week. This does not mean the excitement of a birthday party or anticipating the beginning of kindergarten. For him it means transfer from the Baby House to an institution.

Please visit if you would like to learn more. The children pictured there have a bleak future, unless we say "Yes please".

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KellyL said...

That twas definatly MICAH-zACHARY