Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bluebird Houses

Today Jamie and I took the girls on a homeschool field trip to Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary. They learned about bluebirds and each student made a bluebird house.

It was a dream come true for Amelia-- being outright handed some wood, nails and a hammer! Sunny was so proud of her birdhouse she would not put it down and tried to take it into a store we stopped at. I'm not sure if she will hang it outside or in her bedroom!!
Also, today I made a cloth diaper for the first time ever! We have decided to use cloth diapers for "Junior", and I am trying my hand at making them. I cut apart two old sheets, so my only expense was velcro and elastic. Unfortunately, I won't know how well it fits until he is born in July! I plan to make about 12-15 in this small size, and then more in a larger size. This should save us quite a bit of money on disposables (if they fit him well and I don't switch over!)...since I already make my own laundry soap for almost nothing, there won't be much of a cost added for laundry- and I won't be filling trash bags with disposable diapers. We'll see how it goes...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ahh, Valentine's Day...

...when we all stop to remember the Saint who was martyred for his faith on this day so long ago.

Who am I kidding? Do we even know the real story of St. Valentine? Valentine's Day is a cute party time for kids, but I think it puts way too much pressure on couples to do it up right.

Jamie and I have never really celebrated the day, in fact right now he is up in New Hampshire with Alexander and Zachary hanging out at the cottage and playing some ice hockey on the pond. We try to make sure the teens get individual time, so this is their weekend away with Dad. I suppose it does make a difference that our anniversary is in 8 days...and I do expect dinner out then! Who else but a history teacher would get married on George Washington's birthday??

He did however make me a CD of love songs, his top 20 favorites. You know the ones--- "Ticks" and "I'm Still a Guy" by Brad Paisley, those great love songs. (He knows I don't do sappy.)Actually, I think "My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw is the most romantic love song out there. The CD is great, and the perfect gift.

More importantly for our family, today is Chinese New Year's Day! Our baby boy is going to be born in the Year of the Tiger.
Since Jamie and the big boys are gone, I didn't really do much for it, although I am currently making steamed buns with barbecue filling-- really yummy. And I got out our Lion Dance costume for Amelia, Sunny, and Micah to play with. I would have loved to take the kids into Boston where the Children's Museum usually has an event for this day, but it wasn't in the budget this year.

Here's a photo of Sunny with the Lion head on...

Friday, February 12, 2010

A "Should've Stayed in Bed" Morning

Yesterday was one of those days I coulda shoulda woulda stayed in bed all day--- and not just because I was exhausted.

Dante was diagnosed in the Emergency Room last Sunday with pneumonia and had not been to school since the previous Tuesday. He saw his doctor on Wednesday and she said he was doing well and could return to school when I thought he was ready. Since he had no more fever (since Sunday), was on antibiotics (since Sunday), slept mostly through the night (he is usually up at least once anyhow), and ate a full dinner with seconds the night before...I sent him to school yesterday morning.

After getting him on the mini-bus, I readied Amelia, Sunny, and Micah for their weekly speech at the college clinic. Going out the door I slipped and nearly fell on the front walk- our non-storm still left enough to make it slippery.

We actually arrived 10 minutes early and I was able to navigate the parking lot with the three kids (college students seem to think highway speeds apply to their parking lot), and we went in to wait. THEN, right when their clinicians came out, Micah wet through his fresh pull-up and pants. I do carry pull-ups, but not pants. So instead of sitting and knitting for over an hour while I listen to and observe their sessions, I was off hunting down a store in Worcester that sells pants cheap. Thankfully, I was directed to a Family Dollar not too far from the college.

Not twenty minutes after I get him all set, my eldest calls the office there to tell me the school had called and did not think Dante was well enough to be there. Apparently he was too cranky for them. No fever, not even coughing, just some runny nose, and he wasn't cooperating. I love his teachers and he normally is wonderful for them, but honestly it was about time they saw him do some head-banging.

So I pulled the kids out of their group speech-- they have 45 minutes of private therapy followed by 45 minutes of group therapy-- and we headed off to the school to get Dante. I did swing by the house to pick up one of the teens to sit in the van while I went into the school to claim Dante. There was no way I was letting those three accompany me in to get him! That classroom is just to irresistibly fun and they never would have left again with me.

After lunch I insisted the 4 youngest all take a nap. And of course, I have to lay down too to help Amelia settle into sleep...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Science Experiment

Most seven year olds love a good experiment. The typical ones: watching seeds sprout, filling a row of glasses with varying levels of water and listening to the different notes when you gently tap it with a spoon, or keeping a weather chart.

In Micah's not so humble opinion, those experiments are for amateurs...otherwise known (by me) as Good Little Kids.

Today Micah decided to see what surfaces dry erase markers really will wipe off of easily. And today I decided that Micah is not always a GLK. Although he is always dang cute.

His supplies: a dry erase marker, a dry erase board, and a pair of legs (his)
His procedure: write on the board, and the legs. (or scribble, it's easier)
His hypothesis: the marker should wipe off both surfaces
Data/Observation: the marker does NOT wipe off the legs
Inference (what was learned): Do not use a dry erase marker on your legs unless you want Mom to put you in the bathroom sink and scrub you with an old soft toothbrush. (A bath would have been too much fun.)

What I learned? Never turn your back on Micah!