Friday, July 30, 2010

If You Want Something Done Right....

As I woke up today around 6:00ish AM, I heard some metallic food preparation sounds through the fog of my morning haze. As a stumbled into the kitchen, I saw Sunny sitting at the table eating Cheez-Its and drinking juice. Amelia (who no doubt served Sunny) was over at the stove surrounded by flour, honey, brown sugar and all manner of cooking ingredients. She was bent over a bowl on the stove, stirring her concoction and looking very pleased with herself. I asked her what she was doing. She was making coffeecake. Apparently no one else in the house gets up a decent hour and it is left to the responsible ones to make breakfast. I personally found this amusing. It was a mess to be sure, however it was a sincere mess and she made it with a good heart. I wonder what's on the menu tomorrow?


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching Up

I cannot believe it has been more than two weeks since my last post. It is odd how summer vacation seems busier than the school year, even though it isn't really.

We have been spending our time getting to know Leif, enjoying Daddy being home for the summer, weeding the garden, and doing some running around. Last week the teens were all at Camp Good News. Amelia was suddenly the oldest at home, and not surprisingly jumped right in to take over the animal care- with Dad's help of course. One night they came in from feeding the goats and meat birds (who share an enclosure) and Jamie owned up that at one point there were NO animals in the enclosure. They were able to round up the 2 goats and 11 chickens in no time, though. The laying hens stopped laying this week when Penguin, a huge black Austrolorp, decided to go broody and set on eggs in the favorite nest box. We went from 7 eggs a day to 1 tiny egg a day-- the only one who still laid was the bantam hen Acorn. I never new hens could go on strike (because they all prefer the same next box and it was unavailable). When Zachary got home from camp he told us we should not have let Penguin set the eggs, but what do we know? I'm sure Jamie is glad Zachary and Nikita are back to take over the animal care again!

This week Amelia and Sunny have been having a blast attending Vacation Bible School. We decided that Micah was not going to attend because he is too prone to taking off, plus he is not completely potty trained yet. Yesterday Jamie and I walked Micah up to the local general store, where he proudly made his first independent purchase-- a bag of M&Ms.

Below are some photos that show some of what we have been doing:

We now have a beautiful new table that was made for us by Mr. G. We have been able to have all 10 of us sit down together only once so far because of Alexander's work at camp, but we absolutely love the table!

This is the first picture of Jamie, Leif, and I. I love how Leif is looking at Daddy.

One afternoon Jamie decided to kick my butt in Scrabble while Leif napped. The triplets saw us playing a game and got on one of their own.

Nikita was given a bag of clothing, and she had fun trying some of the stuff on. Here she is looking like a federal agent-- do we watch too much NCIS?

And she looks far too old in this photo. She is only 14!

Sunny holding Leif. She is bending down to kiss him.

Amelia holding Leif. She loves to sing to him while his diaper is being changed- his least favorite event. (The diaper changing, not the singing)

Leif officially has a belly button and did NOT appreciate his first bath.

Sleeping like the baby he is. Leif is so sweet!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SHHH! Daddy is Sleeping!

Jamie has a time honored tradition of teaching each of our babies how to properly take a nap. He teaches by example, the best way to impart such important knowledge.
Unfortunately the photos of him teaching Alexander, Zachary, and Nikita were all before digital cameras, but here he is imparting his knowledge to Leif at the tender age of 6 days old. Start them early and they nap like pros!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Photos of Leif!

Mama and her little treasure

Big Sis and the little guy

Sunny, Dad and the Leif

Dad, Leif and a proud Poppy (Ameila texting back there?)

Amelia, Nana and Baby Leif

Micah settles in Mom's hospital bed

Leif is steering for home

Meanwhile, Zachary's chicks have hatched, on the same day Leif was born!

Dante and Leif- two peas in a pod

My precious ones

Micah holds that little guy


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Boy!

Leif Kristian Lindsay officially joined our family at 1:17AM Wednesday June 30th. It did not happen the way we had it planned, although I am confident the Lord certainly knew how it would all happen!

Today was actually Leif's due date, but we had an appointment to be induced Tuesday because of a PUPPS rash I developed a few weeks ago that was extremely painful and only cured by birth. Unfortunately things were not progressing well and Leif had to be delivered via an emergency c-section because he was having difficulties.

He is great now, and after several days in the hospital we are home today! He weighed in at 8lbs 12oz, is an absolute doll, and tomorrow I will post pictures of his first meetings with all of his siblings!
Interestingly, Jamie and I were not the only new parents in this Lindsay family on Wednesday-- Zachary's hen hatched two eggs on the same day that Jamie and I hatched Leif!! It was his first time getting a hen to go broody and set a nest, and the two little chicks are absolutely adorable!!