Sunday, July 4, 2010

Photos of Leif!

Mama and her little treasure

Big Sis and the little guy

Sunny, Dad and the Leif

Dad, Leif and a proud Poppy (Ameila texting back there?)

Amelia, Nana and Baby Leif

Micah settles in Mom's hospital bed

Leif is steering for home

Meanwhile, Zachary's chicks have hatched, on the same day Leif was born!

Dante and Leif- two peas in a pod

My precious ones

Micah holds that little guy



~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Oh my goodness - he is so handsome! And he looks big in the pictures. I LOVE the one of Leif and Dante sleeping together - precious!! Hope you are recovering well. xoxo

EverythingIveGot said...

Congratulations, Lindsay family! What a beautiful new one.

Lord's blessings to you,