Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Month of Firsts

Ten days into September, and it has been busy for the Lindsay family...

2-6: Nikita and I travelled to Tennessee with Jamie's mom, and spent five wonderful days on a horse ranch...definitely a first, and probably the only time we will do that. Nikita does hope to go back for Horse Camp next summer. (See pictures in the post below.)

7: We went to the Spencer Fair, definitely a first time experience for Sunny! She can moo like a cow with the best of them. My favorite part was the oxen pull; I think the fresh french fries were great too. The little ones like holding the just-hatched chicks, and seeing all the farm animals. (We are actually almost ready to get two goats!) The 7th was also my sister's birthday.

8: Amelia and Sunny started gymanstics today. Ame has been going to Twister's for years, but it was Sunny's first time. She did not seem to know how to do a forward roll, but had a blast trying!! She really watched all the girls, and gave everything her best go, giggling the whole time. She definitely likes the trampoline.
The 8th was also our first official day of school for this year. Sigh.

9: Dante went off to his first day at the special needs pre-school today. He went for six weeks over the summer, and remembered exactly where his favorite toys are kept.

10: Dante and I went into Boston today, for his first appointment with one of the doctor's there, as part of their Down Syndrome program. He was in a giggly mood and cooperative until the end-- when the blood draw happened. Poor guy.

Coming up will also be Special Olympics practices starting. The coach is wonderful and allowing Sunny and Micah to join the team. It will be a great experience for both of them. And, Amelia starts the adaptive dance class at the Boston Ballet next Saturday, and they might let Sunny join too. They will observe Sunny the first day and see if she fits in, and if there is room.

And, I strive to put Christ first in everything I do. I am a work in progress in that area, but God is patient with me!

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Suzanne said...

Yikes you have been busy:-) Glad Dante is doing well at school!