Thursday, February 3, 2011

Triplets Join the Family!

When we bred our goats back in September, we did not know that this particular February would start out so snowy and cold.  When Daisy gave birth to triplets late last night, we were a bit concerned.  This is our first time with goats and their newborns, so we did the best we could to warm them up, then made the decision to bring mama and kids into the house for the night.  (We do not consider heat lamp in our lean-to an option considering the dangers of fire.)

The kids rallied quite well after we got them into Nikita's bedroom.  Jamie and I made it to bed by 1am, but Nikita did not fare so well, considering how crowded her room had become. 
Leif crawled over, stood up, and enjoyed looking at the babies as we were preparing to move them back out to the lean to.  We do intend to bring just the kids in for the night, since it will be in the single digits again.

Two girls and a boy!  Nikita is holding Mattie Bea, Murdock, and Annabelle.  Murdock came out hind feet first, but besides that the delivery went like clockwork.  Jamie even cut the cords.
As of now, Gidget is in the lean to also about to "freshen", so Nikita might have a different set of kids in her room tonight!  Our third doe that was bred is not due until April, and by then Nikita will be an old hand at assisting and milking.

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Anonymous said...

They are beyond cute and a frolicking bunch as well.