Friday, June 15, 2012

Growing, growing, gone!

In the last few weeks Amelia has had her tonsils removed, Sunny is waiting for her tonsillectomy, Alexander graduated and will leave for basic training in July, Nikita has a job and her permit, Zachary is volunteering and working at Camp Good News for the Summer, and the school knows that we will be homeschooling the triplets again next year.  I know it is all good, but it all means so many changes my head is spinning.

Do the teenagers really have to grow up??  Right now all that "starting a new chapter" means is that the last chapter is done, and I am not always liking that.

Growth is good, I know it is.  Just look at Kimberly's growth in strength and ability, and you can see how wonderful growth is:

She is getting so big and strong I let her sit in the stroller today.  Leif was so excited he wanted to take her for a joy ride.  He settled for helping me weed the green beans while Kimberly watched.

God is good!

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