Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Blessings Grow!

The Blessings being our 8 children, of course! Leif is pictured here (with Nikita) wearing the very outfit that Dante 4 years ago when we flew home with him. I had saved it for sentimental reasons, not knowing we would have our Little Leif to wear it.

Just this morning I went through a box of clothes for Leif, pulling out the next size larger since he is growing. Leif has plenty of outfits to wear. My picking for Dante have been pretty slim, though; I have only had a rotation of 3-4 shirts for him.

What a blessing we received this afternoon though!! His bus driver asked me if he could use some clothes, if I do not mind used. I told her we love hand me downs! She stopped by a few minutes later with two boxes of clothing from one of her fellow drivers. Dante now has 8 new long sleeve shirts in beautiful condition. There were also about 8 pairs of pants, which will go to Micah since Dante might be a size 4-5 on top but still wears only size 2-3 in pants.

God is good!

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