Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving Forward!

 Wednesday we received our home study!!  I spent Thursday making sure the 9 page immigration application form was just right. Friday morning Jamie and I signed it, he prayed over it, then later Leif and I went to the bank for a money order, then to the post office to mail our home study, the I800a, a copy of our marriage license, copies of our passports, and the money order for $890!   Now we wait for a notice in the mail telling us to go into Boston for our fingerprints.  After that, we wait approximately 2 months for the approval, Lord willing.

Once we receive approval I can plan the first visit to visit Elsa!! This first trip will be less than a week, and should cost around $2000, so that is my current fundraising/saving goal.  We really want Nikita to go with me, which will add approximately $1200 for her plane ticket.

In the meantime, life goes on.  The weather is a bit chilly but beautiful today, so Jamie and I took Leif and the triplets to Old Sturbridge Village to see a display of vintage automobiles, all pre-1920.  

 Can you see the horn on this red car, just to the right of Jamie?  And the kerosene lanterns on the sides are so cool.

 Leif and I posed under an apple tree.
The flowers are beautiful.  We are so thankful that we have membership there (from Christmas gifts last year).  There is always something new to see, as well as always fresh chocolate chip cookies in the store.

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