Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Gift Horse

A few years ago Nikita discovered that she loves horses.  A lot.  She began taking lessons, and for her 13th birthday Nana and I took her to a ranch in Tennessee for several days.  Since then she has leased a horse at Camp Marshall, then bought her own horse, and recently sold her horse in the hopes of getting one better suited to her needs.

Nearly every day she tells me about one online that she has found, and her mentor at camp helps her decide if this one is good for her.  Nearly every day.  Ok, actually every day I hear about a horse for her.

So when we were recently offered a free horse, how could I say no?  It is slightly smaller than she usually likes, but downsizing saves money on hay, grain, and stall rental since this sweet girl could fit in the paddock with our goats.

Well, I should have remembered that teenage daughters can be hard to please.

"Not this big, this big!"
 I even tried to tell her that she should never look a gift horse in the mouth.

 Maybe we can get some stilts for our new mini?
"Missy" has been used as a therapy horse, but she needed a new home.  Nikita put me in contact with her owner, and things all fell into place.  She is a sweetie, and will get so much attention here!  Nik said Missy likes being groomed, which was Micah's favorite thing to do with our previous pony.

God is good!

Now to go see a photo of the next horse Nikita has found...praying she finds the perfect one soon!

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