Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer is Done, School has Begun

We had a long, hot Summer, and yet somehow it seems to be abruptly done.  I think it is because Zachary was gone until just a few weeks ago, and not having him nor Alexander here just was not right.  July 17th-August 10th seemed like long hot days we just had to get through. (That was the time period when both our teen boys were gone.)

We did pack a lot into the last 2 weeks though!

 While July was just plain hot, August was surprising perfect for enjoying time outside.

 Zachary jumped right back into big brother mode. Leif and Micah have been thrilled to have him home again.  This morning when he was up, Leif excitedly told Amelia that "Zach is here".
 Having fun can be exhausting.  Leif has passed Dante in a lot of ways, but right now these 2 have a huge rivalry going for my attention.  If one is on my lap, the other suddenly needs to be there.

 Leif loves his big sisters!

 This is a train table my father had made for Alexander and Zachary at least 13 years ago.  Jamie pulled it up out of the basement for the same trains the big boys had back then.

Yesterday Jamie returned to school, and we officially began.  I am primarily using Five in a Row with the triplets, so we started off with "The Story About Ping".  Today we talked about ducks, tomorrow will be family and counting, then floating and the geography of China on Thursday.  We are making lapbooks to show their work.
Leif is not making a lapbook, but he is ready with the glue stick for where ever it is needed, and some places it is not.  Amelia was excited to show Dad her work when he arrived home today. 

I am very glad we decided to keep the triplets home this year.  In a few weeks we will be embarking upon the ultimate Field Trip--- driving to Fort Jackson in South Carolina to see Alexander graduate from Basic Combat Training!!

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