Wednesday, July 10, 2013

To the Library....Alone!!!

I have been trying to clean my massive piles of nothingness in an attempt to find the actual desk that houses it all...and I found a library dvd from who knows when.

Not wanting to get sidetracked from organizing the piles, making freezer pops, surfing the web and doing laundry all while recuperating from my hernia repair surgery--- I decided Amelia could walk to the library alone to return the dvd.

 She did not hesitate to step up to the task, after all we can see the library out our window.  The library is actually closed right now so she just had to put it in the drop box outside.
 She is actually in this photo, walking back!  It isn't really a photo of Alexander's car, but just for the record it is a 14yo Camry with 240,000ish miles that stalls often, so if anyone wants to give my 19yo dishwasher, college student, Army Reserve Soldier son a new car you know where to find us. ;)

She nonchalantly waves to me, not at all concerned that crazy Mom is for some reason recording a simple dvd return.
Amelia even looked both ways before crossing the street back home.

I did not doubt that she could independently return the dvd. 

What does concern me is what little wheels are now turning in her head.  She knows where the library is and was fine.  What next?  The store up the street?  She did try to walk up there once many years ago, barefoot and with a dollar in her hand.

Hopefully she will not suddenly feel liberated, and will work with me on this newfound big-girlness.  I think I will send her to the library again sometime when it is open, so she can check out a dvd.

For now, she is content playing with the blocks on the floor.

God is good!

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