Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Special Olympics Summer Games 2015

June 6-7 the triplets competed in the SO Summer Games in Gymnastics.  They have spent most Saturdays this past school year out at Gymnastics Learning Center working with their team and coaches on the skills needed for competition.  They also learn skills needed for life...following directions, keeping fit, social skills with their peers, and sticking to a schedule.

Every year they love their weekend of competition!

The girls competed on Saturday.  They are at different levels, and both had a great time.  This past year was the first time that Sunny really took an interest in practices and put in a lot of effort.  The last few years she has at times been unconcerned about following directions, but something really clicked for her this year.

The last 2 years Micah has spent a night in the dorm with the team, last year Amelia did also, but this was the first year that all three stayed with the team Saturday night!  They were so excited!

Sunday morning before competition the athletes spent some down time playing duck duck goose.  Newly 13 years old, Micah seemed to choose the female coach quite frequently.  Ah, another teen boy in the house...

Micah works in spurts during practice throughout the year, but he really comes through at competition.

Another amazing weekend!

A breakdown of their scores, for my own records:

Amelia, Level 2 ages 13-14, 5 athletes:
Vault, 4th
Uneven bars, Silver
Beam, 4th (tie):
Floor, Silver (tie)
All Around, 4th.

ShanLin, Level 1 ages 12-15, 3 athletes:
Vault, Silver
Uneven bars, Bronze
Beam, Silver
Floor, Silver
All Around, Silver

Micah, Level 1 ages 12-14, 4 athletes
Floor, Gold (tie)
Pommel, Gold
Rings, Gold
Vault, Silver
Parallel Bars, Gold
High-Bar, Gold
All Around, Gold

Now we have the Summer off, but I am sure they will be excited to start practicing with the team again in the Fall.

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