Thursday, August 28, 2008

This and That

I changed my profile, to tell a little more about us. Now I just need someone to read my blog! My life really is not that interesting, but this is a good way to keep friends updated on our progress.

This Saturday is our home school group's tag and bake sale! The tag sale funds will help all the families go on the Boston DUCK Tour next May. The bake sale funds are going to our adoption fundraising efforts! I have made and canned 34 jars total of jams and salsas. Nikita is having a lemonade stand, and since it is in the morning she plans to sell cocoa too. Tomorrow I will be baking zucchini bread and chocolate chip cookies. I hope lots of hungry and thirsty people stop by to support both causes!

The home school group is also in the middle of a Dutch Bulbs Fall fundraiser, on behalf of our adoption. Little by little, we will have the money we need. I have also been applying for grants, what a lot of writing the same things over and over!


Jenn said...

Kelly, It looks great!!! You did a wonderful job and I can't wait to read your updates!

Randy and Sheila said...

It looks wonderful. To add buttons: go to layout page; add gagget (pick html/java) paste the button code in the main box - you can title it anything you like. I look forward to reading more.

Randy and Sheila said...

oops gadget not gagget

The Gross Family said...

I know what you mean about applying for the loans and repeating everything! Thank goodness for cut and paste! I hope your Dutch Flower fundraiser is going well. Keep us up to date on RR.