Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dessert Night

Monday night is dessert night in our home. Jamie is an Adjunct Professor on Monday and Tuesday nights, so we do not get to eat dinner together. To try to make up for that, every Monday either Nik or I makes a dessert, and when Dad gets home we all sit at the table together. Yesterday Nik made a chocolate cake, and frosted it also. Unfortunately Amelia fell asleep on the floor before we could eat-- we were a little later than usual because I had a meeting that went until 8pm. The cake was delicious, and the leftovers became breakfast for the boys this morning!

Dante also had some big doings yesterday-- he now has his "AFO's". Ankle Foot Orthoses to stabilize his walking efforts. He has not learned to appreciate them yet! I'll post pictures some other time. I took my camera along to the appointment, but he was not feeling cooperative so I spent my time holding him still for the first putting on of his braces.

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