Monday, November 17, 2008

When No News is Simply...No News

Everyone has heard the saying, "No news is good news". That is not always true, at least in the adoption world. We are still waiting on some paperwork that is necessary for our adoption of Sunny. When it is ready, THEN we will get the good news. Until that time, I will try not to check my email too many times a day (hah!).

Having adopted three times already, I know that in the end my daughter will come home, and I hold on to that knowledge. God in His infinite wisdom will time everything just right, whether or not I agree with that timing! When Micah was almost ready to come home, there were several glitches with his paperwork, on the US side. Travel was delayed by several weeks. In the end, the week Nikita and I traveled happened to be a week that there were NO baseball games for the boys-- which was a miracle, and since Jamie was their coach it made life MUCH easier for him while we were gone.

So I wait, some days patiently, some days with a little more praying needed. But I know Sunny is being very well cared for while she waits to join us, and we look forward to the day we meet our daughter.

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