Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 in Review

Too much has happened this past year for me to cover it all, but here are some highlights!

Amelia had her first ever birthday party, turning 7 in March. Her friends helped her celebrate at a gymnastics center.

In April we incubated eggs as a home school science project. The chicks were just too cute to give away, and now Zach is "farmer boy" and enjoys fresh eggs every morning. (Pip is now a beautiful hen, and still likes to be held by Zach-- and read to by Amelia if you look in the September posts!

In June, Jamie and his Dad took the teen boys on a road trip for their birthdays. It was a special trip to celebrate beginning their teen years. First they went to a Texas Rangers game in Arlington, then took a train to St. Louis to see the Cardinals play. Albert Pujols is Zach's favorite player. It would have been much cheaper if they could just be Red Sox fans!!

Nine years in a row we have gone to Rumney Bible Conference for a week during the Summer. It is always a relaxing and refreshing time for the whole family- and fun too! (There is an October post of Amelia kayaking on the pond at Rumney.)

In the Fall, Dante turned 3. He is not walking yet, but his new AFO's are helping him get there. He even tries to put them on by himself sometimes.

There have been lots of other happenings: Nikita buying herself a Cocker Spaniel puppy, Alexander now a freshman, Amelia joining a Special Olympics gymnastics team, and of course the biggie is us pursuing the adoption of Sunny. Bringing Sunny home is sure to be the highlight of 2009!

My favorite photo from this past year, though, is this one of Alexander and Dante. Dante adores his big brother, and I think it is safe to say the feeling is mutual. Being home schooled gives my children so much time together-- some of it spent arguing, but more spent bonding. This photo reminds me what a blessing each of my children are.

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I agree, a beautiful, deep hearted picture