Friday, December 5, 2008


Our documents have been sent on to Taiwan! They should be arriving there on Monday. Then the long wait begins. I hope we have a really snowy winter so the kids and I can have a lot of fun sledding-- distracting me from wishing winter would end so we can get the travel call.

In other news, Jamie and I are traveling to Haverhill tonight to give our adoption testimony. The Brookridge Community Church's Women's Ministry is having a huge outreach Christmas Party combined with a fundraiser. This year all donations are going to Shaohannah's Hope adoption grant fund. Since Jamie and I have received a grant from the organization twice, we have been asked to speak about our experience. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't like public speaking, and I'm told there are going to be a LOT of ladies there tonight. God got me into this (I never would have said if I'd known first it would be over 200 ladies), and He will get Jamie and I through it tonight. I am actually not as nervous as I thought I would be-- of course, we aren't there yet! The party does sound like a lot of fun, and pictures of my adorable children will be on the 10 foot screens, so that will be pretty cool! And it means Jamie and I have a night out. And I get to talk about adoption, all in all I am looking forward to it.

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