Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year Already?

Jamie commented to me yesterday that I had not posted in some time. It feels like the time has flown by since the last post. We celebrated the birth of Jesus, with cake and the "Happy Birthday" song Christmas Day in the morning, and with family in the afternoon and again Saturday. Monday-Wednesday I went up to New Hampshire with a friend and our 4 teen boys, and had a wonderfully relaxing time. Since then I have been doing a mini-version of Spring cleaning and getting ready to start off the rest of the school year organized and with a routine.

I have also done some reflecting on 2009, but not too much. It is funny how the big events are what stick out for me...March Dante was so miserable with his autism regression, April my Mom died, May we left the only church my husband and kids have ever known-- a necessary move for our spiritual health--, and in December my sister died.

Of course, this is balanced by our trip to Taiwan in June to bring Sunny home. My week there with Jamie and Nikita is actually a one of the biggest events of my life, since it was the first time Jamie has traveled overseas with me to bring one of our kids home.

It has also been wonderful to see Dante relearning all of the skills he lost and progressing so much. Just this morning he was eating a cookie-- not broken up and fed to him, but holding a cookie and doing his best to get some mighty big bites. His small steps forward are huge events!

And now it is a new year, a time to focus on all those little things that make each day so wonderful and remind me to thank the Lord for His blessings!

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