Wednesday, January 20, 2010

She's So Cool!

Today Sunny had a routine eye exam. She was really good, despite being kept waiting for 25 minutes past our appointment time...which I pointed out to the nice lady when she finally called us in and asked how she is doing. (A pet peeve of mine, considering I make a point of showing up at least five minutes early for appointments.)

The doctor wanted to dilate her eyes as part of the exam, and when asked told me it would be 30 minutes of waiting before he could finish. I politely told him that I had allotted one hour for this appointment, and since 25 minutes had been taken up by us sitting and waiting, we would have to forgo the drops. Surprisingly he decided to use the fast acting drops and we were done only fifteen minutes later.

Sunny was very cooperative, and has no vision problems at all. She absolutely loved the little sunshades they gave her to protect her eyes outside. It was like Christmas all over again to see her so excited! I had to go over to my obstetrician's office afterwards for some blood work, and Sunny was quite amusing wiggling her shades up and down at the nurses, then calmly sitting and reading a magazine with them on.
She even carefully put them away when she was done using them... and done having the dog wear them.

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