Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Micah's Meanderings

Saying he "meanders" describes eight year old Micah in every way. His attention span can be a tad short. One day A told Micah five times to get his shoes on because we were going somewhere. I had to remind A that each time was in fact the first time he had told Micah to get his shoes on...or at least it was as far as Micah was concerned! Apparently there are just too many distractions on the way to the shoe rack.

Micah is a boy that always has a smile for everyone. His quirkiness and happiness is what makes him so lovable. He likes to strip to his skivvies and strike a muscle man pose (not sure where he learned that from, maybe Dad when I am at work?). He also likes to sing and dance while standing in front of the television-- so he can see himself in the reflection. Every now and then out of the blue Micah will run over, grab the freezer door handle and say, "Can't...hold...on...much...longer..." (Between the Lions, PBS)

Micah is a Wolf Cub Scout, and recently he went to one of the AHL Worcester Sharks games with Dad and Zachary. He had a great time!

These photos do not do Micah justice; he does not like the camera. I am not sure why, but it is actually hard to get this happy go lucky lad to smile for the camera.

One thing about Micah: He is absolutely the most stubborn little guy you will ever meet. I have learned to have a stare down contest with him when he is being defiant. It takes a willingness to outwait him without smirking or resorting to the "I am bigger therefore you will obey" mentality. I will tell Micah to take his plate to the sink and he will look at me, say "No", and cross his arms defiantly. Then the staring commences. He'll look at me. He'll look to the side. He'll look back at me. I'll point to the sink. He'll look away again. Then, "Sorry Mom, sorry" and off he goes to the sink and on to his playing. Sometimes it becomes his idea. "Micah go potty". "No mom, no". After 30 seconds of staring at each other, "Mom, potty!!" and off he goes. If I make the mistake of smiling during our staredown he knows I'm had and puts on the full charm.

Micah loved our recent snow storm. He would get everything on and announce "snowman!", then go outside and spend an hour with a shovel moving snow around. When he is done he walks in, drops all his snow clothing where he is and announces "cocoa Mom, cocoa!".

There is never a dull moment with Micah!

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