Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spring is in my house

Outside the snowbanks along our driveway are level with the top of my head.  Micah struggles through waist deep snow to go check on "his" pony.  Yet walking into the house is leaving winter behind and embracing spring. 

 Thirty-six baby chicks arrived yesterday, and their constant cheeping is what has transformed the inside of my house into a reminder that Spring will come.  Zachary is raising the chicks for a local organic farm. 
Sunny is seen here holding one of the chicks that was struggling a bit after the long journey here.  Unfortunately a few did not survive the trip.
When the box was opened and Amelia realized what had arrived, she immediately took over the situation.  While Zachary transferred the chicks to the box with a heat lamp, Amelia put on her boots, scarf, and gloves (no coat), grabbed the feeder and headed out to the coop to get the babies some food.  She meant well, but these chicks needed their organic chick starter, not the big hen's egg layer crumbles!
Micah likes to sit and watch the chicks, and checks on them frequently.  Unfortunately, Dante took advantage of our distraction and took off up the stairs.  I found him in the tub fully clothed, shoes too, tapping on the spout trying to figure out to get the water running.

Leif was unfazed by it all, and was busy trying to forget that he is only six months old and figure out how to get the toy boat to float.  Maybe he and Dante should have worked together on this one--Dante had the tub and Leif had the ark...

So, until the real Spring gets here, we will enjoy having the sounds of spring inside and the joy of snow outside!


Jenn said...

I love it! I also had to crack up at the line about Amelia taking over. She and Yan would love to be co-mama's together.

KellyL said...

Jenn our two girls could rule the world! Once they agree on which one of them is really in charge. ;)