Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Updates

My computer time has been pretty limited lately to random email and Facebook checks...sharing one computer with my man and three teens does limit me!  We have been busy enjoying the beautiful weather, getting Spring planting ready, and just (barely) keeping up with daily routines.  
Here are a few photos taken recently:
 Leif has on a few occasions climbed into Kimberly's swing, turned it on, and fallen asleep.  22 months old and already missing the good ole days??

 We were given a bumbo seat for Kimberly, and she loves it!  Her head control is great, and she loves playing with toys.  It has been such a joy to watch her gaining new skills.

 A few days ago Leif snagged Dante's iPad and took off.  He discovered the only place his brothers could not get to him!

 Our amazing new playset is done, but those photos will have to be a post of their own.  Nikita and Kimberly are enjoying some time on the tire swing.

 Wearing a cowboy hat while folding the laundry makes it a manly chore.  Not that I needed the little tikes "help".

 Zachary's hen "Eleanor" sat on some eggs, and is now being a good momma. The eggs were not all hers, but she was happy to sit on whatever Zachary snuck under her!  (Can you see her eye under all those fluffy white feathers?  She is a beautiful hen.)

On Wednesday Amelia and Micah are each having a sleep study at Children's Hospital Boston.  We have been trying to prepare them for it, and did some role-playing tonight.  Leif of course had to have a turn getting stickered.  We would definitely appreciate prayers Wednesday night while we are there-- Amelia is definitely going to have issues with the process.  Shan Lin will be having her sleep study in a week.


Young Christian Woman said...

Do you want your own computer? I can totally understand if it's too much temptation to have one... but if you are interested, we have extras lying around in our basement.

Brady said...

I love your blog! I have a 4 year old son with Down syndrome and have been actively working to raise awareness for orphans with Down syndrome. Is there any chance I could get an email address to contact you? bradymurray34@gmail