Thursday, April 26, 2012

Micah and the Not So Good Sleep Study

The triplets are taking part in a study at Children's Hospital Boston, and it involves having a sleep study.  We were happy to participate since it is recommended that all children with Down Syndrome have a sleep study done...we get to accomplish that and help some research at the same time.

We were originally going to have Micah and Amelia at the same time, but there has been a slow moving stomach bug here, so we decided it was best if only one went first, so Jamie could stay home with everyone else in case someone gets sick.

The last few weeks we have been reading a photographic social story to help the kids prepare, as well as simulating the study with stickers.  Little did I know that the photos only presented a broad overview of the whole procedure.  It was a bit more than we anticipated, and I am soooo glad it was Micah who went first.  He spent a lot of time in hospitals before we adopted him at age 3, and he has very little problem with any medical procedures.  (He will actually help a nurse find a vein for blood draws, and then offer his other arm once the first is done!  He knows he has to choose between ice cream and fries after a blood draw, so maybe he thinks getting stuck in both arms would mean both ice cream and fries??)

 We arrived at the hospital at 7:30
 Micah was happy to put on his pajamas and jump into the bed with the iPad.
 He did not realize all these wires would soon be attached to his head.

 Micah was very good through the scrubbing of his head and gluing on of the wires.
Amelia would have been completely hysterical by now.

 He was not overly happy with the oxygen in his nose.  It baffles me that they can hook all these up to a child, including two on his chest plus the two belts with wires around his stomach, then tell him to lay down and go to sleep.  He was restless, and ended up needing some arm guards to keep him from pulling at the itchy and annoying spots.  This made it even more difficult for him to sleep.
 He was up several times in the night getting reattached.  At 5:45 the study was abruptly finished when Micah threw up.  It seems he did not escape the stomach bug after all.
 Micah finally fell into a deep sleep- on the way home.  It was a quiet drive, and I was thankful to be heading west since the traffic headed east in to Boston was heavy and very slow.
In the end the sleep study was a success.  Micah is now sleeping on the couch.  Poor Leif was sick in the night at home, so I am glad Jamie did stay here.  Of course this means Jamie and I did not get much sleep last night either!  
Next week ShanLin goes for her sleep study.  I really have no idea how that will go, but I already know it will be a nightmare when it is Amelia's turn in three weeks.

We are home safe, Micah, Leif, and Jamie are sleeping on the couches and Kimberly is sleeping on me.
God is good!

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