Thursday, May 3, 2012

ShanLin and the Amazing Sleep Study

Last night Sunny and I went into Boston Children's Hospital for her sleep study.

Sunny was more than happy to go for a drive with me,  and was excited as we headed in to the hospital.  She changed into her pajamas right away and hopped up onto the bed.

After her blood pressure check, height and weight taken, and urine sample was given, Sunny started playing with the iPad.  She looked up briefly when the technician started marking her head and attaching the wires, but did not utter a word, or pull away at all.

Sunny's way of dealing with the unknown is often to withdraw completely.  She spent 30 minutes doing the same Montessori Math page counting to 16.  Over and over and over.  Every now and then I would see her look out of the corner of her eye toward the technician, but she never moved her head or resisted at all.  She did not even need her head wrapped as Micah's had been.
When he told her to climb into bed, she did.  And within 20 minutes she was asleep.  
Jamie and I had discussed that we really had no idea how she would behave during all this, but I never expected this level of cooperation.  She never said one word through it all, so I know she was unsure of it but willing to go along silently.
At 6am the technician woke us up, unhooked all the wires, and we headed home!  I was able to give Sunny a quick shower and bowl of granola, then she was off to school and her animated self once again!!
Within a week we will hear if Sunny has any sleep issues.

In two weeks Amelia has her sleep study.  
I am almost certain it will be the exact opposite of Sunny's experience!

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