Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Amelia and the Very Tiring Sleep Study

Amelia's sleep study was moved up to last night, so she and I headed to Boston at 6pm.  We had discussed this many times, and looked at all the photos of Micah and Sunny having their sleep studies, but Amelia was still quite unsure about the whole event.

Unfortunately I could not find the camera when it was time to leave, so all of the photos below were taken with my trusty old flip-up cell phone..and have a blurry spot from the scratch on the phone.

Amelia has the iPad, and is doing well.  She did start crying when it was time to take her blood pressure.  It was on the third try (second person) that it was successfully done.

I was honestly shocked at Amelia's level of cooperation during the measuring, marking, and gluing on of the wires.  She was so good!

Amelia did being to protest when it was time for the "stickers" on her face.  Thanks to wi-fi and the iPad, I was able to pull up this blog and show her the photos of Sunny and Micah getting the very same stickers.  This helped immensely.  She also called Daddy on my cell phone, and talking to him was very encouraging for her.

Amelia was bothered the most by the pulse-ox on her finger, oddly enough.  Despite her cooperation during the prep time, it ended up being a difficult night.  She simply could not fall asleep because she was so tense about moving with all the stuff attached to her.  Poor Amelia would drift off, then startle awake.  This happened repeatedly until the wee hours of the morning. 
Despite not being asleep for long, Amelia was very happy to be awakened at 6am and un-wired. She called Daddy again to let him know how well she did.
 We even arrived home in time to shower her hair and get her onto the bus for school!

We should have the results of her sleep study within 2 weeks, and given the number of times she had strep this past winter, I am honestly hoping they have found that her tonsils and adenoids are causing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and need to be removed.

Micah's sleep study was normal, and we are still waiting to hear about Sunny's. althoug I do not expect a problem.
And Dante?  There is NO WAY we are going to try a sleep study for that guy!

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