Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Leif Amongst the Leaves

October has been such a busy month!  Schooling the kids while working five nights a week is definitely keeping me busy. 

~ Dante has been gluten free this entire month, and in the last two weeks we have been finally seeing some changes.  He is trying to talk more, and hanging out with the family more, instead of just wanting to watch videos on his iPad.
~ Kimberly has glasses now!  She is so adorable, and looks around her in amazement.  Then pulls them off.
~ Kimberly is also sitting up independently.  This is great for her, but we really want to see her crawl.
~ Leif had his right thumb/hand crushed by Amelia when they were practicing some gymnastics, but thankfully nothing was broken!

Last week the triplets and Leif decided to rake some leaves during lunch break.  Not a lot of progress was made in actual clean up, but they had fun!
Leif, Sunny, and Micah were working hard when  Amelia came over and showed them how much fun they could be having!
In the photo below it looks like Amelia has 4 arms, because Sunny happened to be lined up directly behind her.

After they were done "working", it was time for the tire swing.  Amelia is such an amazing big sister, making sure Leif is right there with them.  It is fun now that he is 2+ and able to participate, instead of toddling along wanting to participate.

It was not until we were just about ready to go in that I realize Amelia is wearing two different sneakers!  I bought her and Sunny slightly different pairs so they could tell them apart. (They are different sizes.)


God is good!

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