Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slow and Steady

Time has gotten away from me; January seems to have simply flown by. 

 Kimberly has a new pair of glasses, since the last pair did not stay on very well.  She loves to point at photos and drawings in books!

Kimberly is also doing a great job with her self-feeding skills and even has an occasional "sword" fight with Leif at the dinner table.  I think he was defending his food in this photo!

We are still hard at work home educating, with tea parties for all kinds of skills.  This month we have taken on a chapter book, Mr. Popper's Penguins , and the kids are working on lap books as we learn about penguins.  I am hoping we can go to Mystic Aquarium when we finish the book.

Our big project this month was rearranging some bedrooms, and adding a set of bunkbeds.  I wanted Dante to have a sensory area, but did not want it upstairs far from our sight.  Jamie is such a trooper and had the help of the teens moving beds around.  Thankfully Dante had no problem adjusting to his bed tent being moved downstairs.

Everyone now loves hanging out in the little boys' room with the mat, basketball hoop, and trampoline.  There is also a bin full of balls that never seems to actually have all the balls in it, and a pop up tent that is currently stashed in the corner.

We were working on some gym skills while learning to wait in line.  Leif added some problem solving by picking up his little orange "my spot in line" disc and simply moving it to the front.  When he was not allowed to cut in line he opted sit out instead.

That is January!  Plus a bunch of routine doctor appointments, lots of meetings as we try to get Dante a more appropriate education, one stomach bug, and lots of in home therapy for Kimberly... looking forward to a February just as busy.

God is good!

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