Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Little Love's

Honestly, we do not really do much for Valentine's Day.  It seems like such a Hallmark holiday, and an odd way to commemorate the day a man was martyred.

Yet, the cake mixes were on sale when we stopped for some groceries this morning, and suddenly I was remembering a heart shaped cake my mom and I made one year when I was a teen.

 She showed me how to make a heart cake by using one square pan and one round pan.  Unfortunately I had to use an eight inch square and nine inch round, so it required some extra trimming.
 Amelia and Leif diligently decorated it with some red sugar and other sprinkles.
 Amelia tends to overdo her smile, so I took quite a few pictures...and they were all too cute not to share here!

After Amelia walked away Leif dumped on some more red sugar, then decided he had overdone licked some off.  (Thankfully Zachary does not read my blog so I don't have to worry about him knowing his little brother licked the cake!)

God is good!


Zachary Terwilliger said...

I remember Mom making that cake and had just been thinking about it my self!! And I am gonna call Zach to tell him!

KellyL said...

You are all grown up but still determined to be the annoying little brother! ;)
You are too late though, Leif licked the rest of the frosting off today and Zach knows he did it!

Zachary Terwilliger said...

LOL! I try!
And that is no fun...