Sunday, March 3, 2013

Nikita is our Hero

My teens are amazing big siblings, and are often called upon to help watch the little ones if I need to take one or two to an appointment.  Jamie and I try not to leave them at night though, because having to serve dinner and do bedtime is a lot different than hanging out together during the day. 

However Saturday nights I work, and Jamie takes the triplets to team practice for gymnastics, so Nikita and Zachary are left with Dante, Leif, Kimberly, and dinner in the crockpot.  Oh, and a new baby goat Nikita had just bought (one of the ones she delivered 2 weeks ago), and our own doe out in the barn waiting to go into labor.

So when my phone buzzed at work I answered, despite having a table to get to, and suddenly I was talking to an EMT who was at my house, apparently with the ambulance sitting out front.

Kimberly had choked on some potatoes.

And Nikita had saved her life.

I let the EMT know that I would be right home and take Kimberly to the hospital myself, since it seemed at that point that a ride in the ambulance would have been a little excessive.  I asked Nikita to come along with me, because I thought she needed to see that Kimber really was going to be ok.  The Physician's Assistant praised for Nikita's quick thinking in getting the potato out of Kimber's throat.

 From the story I heard, I am not sure if Nikita was more shaken up by her baby sister's lips turning purple, or Kimberly was more shaken up by not being able to breathe!  By the time I heard the details she was breathing, but needed x-rays to rule out aspiration, since she was drooling a lot.  There were no bits of food in her lungs, and we were sent home very thankful.

Leif was a little off for a while, but it isn't every day we have 2 policemen and 3 EMTs in our living room while Kimberly is crying and the baby goat is wailing in the back room in her crate.  Jamie did get home a few minutes before I did and stayed with the kids while Nik and I did the ER visit.

And my coworkers were awesome picking up my tables when I rushed out with 2 minutes notice!

Kimberly has been having a growth spurt and wanting to eat constantly, but we are definitely going to be limiting the amount she is allowed to shove in at once!

God is good!


Anonymous said...

Praying that Dante recovers quickly. I miss him. Maureen

wendy said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.

wendy said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.