Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School

All around our country kids have been returning to school the last few weeks, and today was our turn.  Tomorrow is actually the day public school kids return, but since Jamie had teacher meetings today, we started work today too.

The triplets will be keeping a daily calendar and tally of school days.  For work we will be using the McGuffey's Readers, Primary Language Lessons, Ray's Arithmetic, learning money skills, and doing a Fall semester unit study on "Little House in the Big Woods".

Kimberly and Leif will be working on having fun, learning the basics, and not touching their big sibs' work.  And it looks like Kimberly needs to work on not putting everything in her mouth.

Jamie and I are still working on creating a sensory area for the kids.  The swing is up and well loved.  A sensory bin on the floor got a bit messy; we will hopefully have a table at some point that bins fit into, with play space also.  (Making one is on Jamie's honey-do list.)

In the meantime, Leif is using some creativity to work on his counting skills.

We spent some time in the garden, counting it as science (ripe vegetables vs the unripe ones Micah insisted on picking), life skills (that's obvious), and even economics (money saved from planting and growing).
All in all, it was a very productive, yet exhausting day.  

There are still kinks to work out in the schedule-- I did not get to shower until late morning, but used that time to have the kids watch (and do) a workout video.  I also want to take them to Old Sturbridge Village every Friday morning to provide some hands on learning to go along with our Little House studies.  The literature study will also provide us with ample arts and crafts to keep them creative.

God is good!

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