Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Time to Milk the Goat

Leif is only three years old, but he is very interested in everything we do around here.  He insists on helping with most things, and today wanted to milk the goat.  He actually tried yesterday morning, giving a teat one squeeze and then declaring it broken when no milk came out.

Tonight though, he had some success.  Dante was even outside, making this feel more like group sensory therapy then simply doing the evening chores. Missy, our mini-horse is in the photos too; she always tries to sneak some goat grain.

When we were done milking Luna, Leif snagged the camera from Dad and took an untold number of photos...I deleted a bunch and have put some of pics here:

As always, Leif is wearing two different boots.

God is good!

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