Sunday, September 22, 2013

Buddy Walk

Today was the First Annual Buddy Walk hosted by the MDSC in Uxbridge MA!  We have gone a few times to the Buddy Walk in Wakefield, but it is over an hour away and close to 3,000 people attend, which is a bit too crowded for me.  I was very happy to see a local walk, on a much smaller scale yet just as much fun.

I signed up Jamie and I, along with the 6 youngest kids.  It rained all last night and into today, so it was not looking good.  Sunny and Dante ended up staying home.  Sunny had pneumonia last week and is still a little off, and Dante has an awful cough that meant I did not want to risk him being out in the rain.
 Amelia, Micah, Jessi and I went to the Buddy Walk early to set up an Exhibitor's Table for Reece's Rainbow.  We got to talk about orphans and adoption for hours!

 Micah defected and went over to the MDSC informational table.  He is such a riot!

 Amelia insisted on carrying Kimberly over to the face painting table.  It was adorable seeing her hold her little sister, who turned 2 yesterday!!!

 Micah is a bit of a lazy bum and did not do the one mile walk, but we did check out the field games.

 Kimberly thoroughly enjoyed the music.
 Amelia handed out brochures and bracelets to anyone who  made eye contact.  She displayed some excellent social skills talking to people.
 Returning from the walk!
 Leif had a ton of fun, and loved poking the huge pumpkin.

The day was off to a rainy/drizzly start but by the time everyone arrived the sun was shining.  We were able to talk to so many people about the need for orphan/adoption support, and have fun at the same time.

God is good!