Monday, September 30, 2013

First Month of Home School

    September has been an eventful month for us.  After just two weeks we pulled Dante out of school, for reasons I really do not want to mention here, since if you cannot say something nice, you should not say anything at all. 

    I never thought I could home school Dante AND the triplets, but it is getting done.  In bits and pieces, and I am still trying to work out a routine and a schedule.  It has meant a lot of running for independent therapies for Dante, and I have to decide how much to keep and how much to do myself so I am home more.  One of Dante's therapists, who has seen him for almost two years, commented that he seems to be thriving now that he is home, and is responding much better to therapy.  That was really, really good to hear during a time that I am doing nothing but second guessing every move I make.

   We have also had some nastiness going around-- Nikita had bronchitis, Sunny had "walking pneumonia", and even though I did not take any others to the doctor I know that Micah had an ear infection, Dante and Amelia have nasty colds, and two others probably are recovering from walking pneumonia as well.  Only Kimberly and I have not had anything more than a slight sniffle.  Interestingly, Kimberly and I are the only two that consume either raw goat's milk or yogurt every day.

   Right now the kids are outside for recess, and there were too many photo opportunities not to share!

Micah and Kimberly exploring the leaves in the warm sun

Sherlock, our year old stallion trying to figure out what the kids are doing in the sandbox.  Since he has not been gelded yet, he cannot be in with our mini-mare and is enjoying the yard instead of the paddock.

 He is also trying to figure out Kimberly!  It is our hope that he will benefit the kids here, and he certainly is friendly and curious.
 Leif absolutely adores "his" Sherlock, and I think the feeling might be mutual.

   One month of the school year done, many many more to go!

"I can do all things through him who gives me strength."  Philippians 4:13

God is good!

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