Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dante and the Dentist

Dante might look sweet and cuddly when he falls asleep with his iPad, but get him to the dentist and you will see an entirely different little boy.  A writhing, fighting, yelling little boy-- one that Jamie and I see every time we brush his teeth.  And many other times too.

Today was Dante's six month dental cleaning.  The children's dentist is wonderful, very patient, and always positive.  He told Amelia she is beautiful.  Not that I disagree, but usually the only person to tell a child with Down Syndrome she is beautiful is someone else who has a child with Down Syndrome.  (or works with one)  This dentist is simply wonderful.  And almost as good looking as my husband.

So it was a bit disconcerting for me when he realized I do not use a fluoride toothpaste on Dante and was displeased.  And then I admitted I make Dante's toothpaste. Suddenly Wonder Dentist was looking at me with that "You are a bad mom" look.  He asked me what is in the toothpaste I make for Dante, with a bit of  "I had no idea you were one of those Moms" in his voice.He said I really should be using a fluoride toothpaste, and if Dante starts to show signs of soft teeth, rotting teeth, or lots of cavities I simply must start using a fluoride toothpaste. 

Ever since we pulled Dante out of school three weeks ago I have been second-guessing every single decision I make about him, so when Wonder Dentist said all that I just looked at the floor and mumbled "yes, yes of course", because to make eye contact would have resulted in my melting to the floor in a flood of tears (something I seem slightly prone to in the last three weeks).

So we began the cleaning.  One hygienist holding Dante's legs.  One hygienist holding Dante's left elbow and wrist.  Me holding Dante's right elbow and wrist.  Dr. Matt using his left elbow to put Dante in a headlock and cleaning his teeth. 

Except there was nothing to clean.  Just a wee bit of scaling on some back teeth.

Then Wonder Dentist said to me, "You are doing a phenomenal job.  Whatever it is you are doing, keep doing it."  Even his voice held a bit of wonder to it.

I counted...three times- 3 times - he called me phenomenal.  Well, actually, the teeth brushing Jamie and I are doing is phenomenal, but since that word has never ever been used to describe me before I have no problem transferring it to being a description of me.

No cavities.  No softness.  No gum problems.  Just a very angry Dante with very clean teeth, an impressed dentist, and me.

God is good, all the time.  Me, not so much-- but I think I nailed it for a few minutes today.


Jenn Ricker(work) said...

You Are A GREAT mom don't let no one tell you different! Where do you take the kids to the dentist?

KellyL said...

Thank you Jenn!
We go to Lahair and Gallagher in Worcester.

Angela Almendarez said...

You are a great Mom Kelly.

Would you care to share the recipe you use to make Dante's toothpaste. We don't like to use floride either