Monday, October 7, 2013

Ten Years of Blessing

Ten years ago today Jamie, the Original Three, and I arrived home with Amelia. (around 2am)  We had met her the night of October 6th, at the JFK Airport in New York City.

Our fourth child, but first adoption. 

Amelia was the cutest, yet most scared, 2 year old little girl.  She adored Jamie, because she never had a daddy.  She did not like me so much and wanted back the Mommy figure's she'd had in her orphanage.  After about seven months she decided I would do as  Mommy, and I was very thankful she finally made that decision!

I have TONS of photos from the first 8 years of Amelia as a Lindsay, but just not on this computer because I am so incredibly organized that they are all safely stored.  Somewhere else.  And maybe one day I will remember where that place is.

Last May I traveled with Amelia and Micah with their Special Olympics Gymnastics team to Atlanta for a National competition, and as always this trip was peppered with comments about Dad, because even now, ten years later, he is first in her heart.

In lieu of adorable little toddler photos spanning the last 8 years, here are some of my lovely Amelia having fun on her big girl trip-- on the plane, out to dinner with the team, with her ribbons, at the banquet, and at World of Coke:

Amelia is a truly amazing girl and we are blessed to have seen her go from toddler to pre-teen, and we look forward to continuing to watch our special girl grow.

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Mary said...

Every child is a gift from God, and you all have been blessed with some very special gifts! We have seven children and our youngest has DS. Luke 14:13-14 applies to both our families, but to you especially because your younger set are specially chosen--specially invited!