Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pushing an Empty Stroller

Dante started Summer School this week. He has three days under his belt so far, and is doing well. He receives many therapies, and I can tell he is getting them because he takes a long afternoon nap AND has slept through the last two nights! It is not unusual for him to wake up several times in the night, so Jamie and I very much appreciate the last two nights he has gifted us with sleeping through.

Yesterday I drove him to school, but decided to walk the mile to pick him up. I knew I could not carry him home all that way, so I pushed the stroller up with me. Empty. Jamie is the type of guy that does not care one bit what others think, but I'll admit I started off feeling a bit self-conscious pushing it down Main Street.

Why is it that I did not even need a peer around to feel the pressure? I decided the people driving by must think I am odd. Then it got me to thinking about the Christian life. Blending in is the last thing we Christians should want to do. We know where we are going, and that being different from the mainstream is just part of the Christian walk. If anyone asks us what it is that makes us us that extra bit of joy and hope...we are happy to explain it.

So, since I knew where I was going with that empty stroller and why, what anyone else was thinking no longer mattered to me. And if anyone had pulled over to ask me what I was doing, I would have been happy to explain that I was going to get my precious boy from school.


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

...and a precious boy he is. I LOVE that sweet picture of him all tuckered out.

KellyL said...

Thanks Lisa! Once, he was falling asleep at that same toy, but every time his head nodded forward he honked the horn and woke himself up!