Friday, July 10, 2009

We Did It!

Many people think we are nutty for having adopted four kids with Down Syndrome. (Since we feel it was the Lord's will, does that mean He is nutty?) When I had approached our social worker about a fourth adoption, one of her questions was wondering if I was using my older kids too much to care for their siblings, and how I would handle the special kids on my own when the older kids move out someday.

Well, the teens have been at Wilderness Camp in New Hampshire since last Sunday noon, and somehow Jamie and I have managed to get through the week, AND he still taught college twice, I weeded the garden, picked berries each day, did barn chores twice, Jamie once, cooked, cleaned, washed laundry, Jamie took the kids to speech, Dante to swimming, I read a novel, Jamie made a new gaga pit, we re-arranged the teen boys room (as per Zach's request), and did not once lose Amelia, Sunny, Micah, or Dante!

I actually have a number of pictures from the week, but my computer is running slow and I have to go pick up the teens-- 2 1/2 hour drive each way. I hope Jamie survives the next 6 hours home alone with the Four Musketeers!

God is good, ALL the time.

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Molly C said...

pssh, siblings are a blessing. I have three. I could totally have more. Big families are awesome