Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hair Stylist Insurance, and More

Today Sunny went for her first physical in the states. She is 46 inches tall and weighs 47 pounds. She was cute and cooperative, and will soon be connected with an audiology exam, eye exam, and I will set her up with Speech Therapy.

The office we go to is in a building with other businesses, one of which is an insurance company. We often see their flashing sign out front, offering all sorts of insurance. Jamie and I were a little skeptical at the latest...."Hair Stylist Insurance". Why? Can you actually get sued for giving a bad haircut? Too late, we have realized that Amelia needs hair stylist insurance. Here are Sunny's new bangs:

In Amelia's defense, Sunny was a willing participant and has in fact been observed wielding the scissors herself. The ones that are now hidden, by the way.

Besides, at least when Amelia decides to "fix" something, she takes appropriate safety precautions:

And More...

Micah went upstairs the other day and changed his clothes. When he came down he told me he's "Dad". He had dressed himself exactly as Jamie does when going off to teach his college class. "Hmm, can I pass for my six foot tall red-headed daddy? How much attention do those college kids really give to Professor Lindsay in Summer sessions anyhow?"

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~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Cute pictures! And I love your new header - the very talented Miss Amelia, Jill of All Trades.

We had SO many problems with scissors and Lauren, we actually had it in her IEP last year that she was not allowed to have any contact with scissors, even when seated with an adult. Ha!