Saturday, December 5, 2009

Big Birthday, and a Visit with Santa

Today Jamie is 40! Happy birthday!! He is an amazing husband and father, even if he is getting a little old. ;)

To help celebrate his birthday and Christmas, he and I splurged and took the Three Musketeers (otherwise known as Amelia, Sunny, and Micah) out to the Publick House in Sturbridge for breakfast with Santa. Sunny was fascinated by his beard! She also kept ringing his hand bell that he carried around. Amelia and Micah sat on Santa's lap, but Sunny was too busy touching his beard.

The kids see Santa as a part of the Christmas season, and did not have a list of requests for him. We never taught our teens to see Santa the way he is seen by mainstream society-- coming down chimneys at night-- but rather we focused on the legend of St. Nicholas. However, there are a lot of Santa movies and TV shows that we watch together for fun. (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on the other night!)

So it was fun to go out for a really nice breakfast buffet with the kids all dressed up, and I took a bunch of pictures!!


Suzanne said...

Happy Birthday to Jamie--he's not old the correct term now is "vintage";-) Looks like the kids had a blast!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Jamie! The pictures are great and the kids look beautiful! What a fun time!